Besides using the best possible ingredients and packaging, all our products are tested. Ensuring peace of mind dosing and also knowing you are getting the real health benefits.

With our range of products you can effortlessly find what works best for you. Remember you can use your Marilove Canna oil in your own baked goods, cooking, smoothies etc. There surely are 1000’s of ways to consume cannabinoids.

Yes, certainly. Our oil is perfect to apply topically, easy to apply, and easily absorbed. Many great benefits includes slowing ageing, reducing sun damage, evens skin tone, alleviates aching limbs or muscles. It’s been widely documented to aid in cases of psoriasis, eczema, arthritis & skin cancer.

No, definitely not! Essentially it is nearly impossible for any person to overdose on natural cannabinoids. Please note, if the botanicals where decarbed then the cannabinoid THCA is transformed to THC that is a psychoactive. It is then possible to get ‘high’.

All our products are carefully marked and labeled. Generally a cool dark place is perfect. Do NOT freeze.

We use a reputable courier companies, chosen depending on your location. Delivery takes place from Mon to Fridays. Shipping varies betweem R70 & R200 (again depending on your location and size of your order). All orders above R3000 receives free delivery.

Eating cannabinoids does not carry the same health risks as ingesting it via smoking. Edibles are convenient, easy to move around, control doses and the effects when eaten lasts longer compared to being smoked.